Live set at Smangtasia, July 20-23 @ Roxbury, NY

The kind folks at Sublimate are putting together this inaugural music retreat this summer with a really solid lineup.  The weekend festivities will be invite only, so, you better get on my good side ;).  But seriously, I'm not yet sure how ticketing will work, so mark your calendars and sign up for the Smangtasia email here - - or shoot me a message if you're super super interested in attending.  I'm going to help with the preproduction as well.


Despacio returns to NYC, March 29-31 @ Knockdown

I will be doing install and running sound and various duties at this iteration of Despacio.  Check it out if you enjoy hearing new sound systems, dancing to slow balearic jams, or distracting me at work.

Despacio brings its eight-hour vinyl-only odysseys to New York! Conceived by James Murphy (LCD Soundystem, DFA Records) and David and Stephen Dewaele (Soulwax, 2manydjs), Despacio creates an experience like no other. James, David & Stephen will be behind the decks for three daily eight-hour sessions from 8pm to 4am throughout Despacio’s run at the Knockdown Center.

Live set at I.T. Presents 15 Years of the Bunker, May 28 @ Tangent Gallery


The Come Down Room means I'll be playing a slower, cosmic groover of a set.  Buy your tickets for the whole weekend at Tangent Gallery, as I will most likely be there all weekend.

Interdimensional Transmissions presents 15 Years of The Bunker

The Dance Room:

Jane Fitz (Freerotation) & Eric Cloutier (The Bunker NY, Palinoia)
Function (Ostgut Ton, Infrastructure New York) & Adam X (Sonic Groove) - present Brooklyn Beats -‘88-‘91
MIKE SERVITO & Bryan Kasenic (The Bunker New York)

The Come Down Room:

Gunnar Haslam (The Bunker NY, LIES Records News) LIVE
Abby Echiverri (The Bunker New York) LIVE
Clay Wilson & rrao (The Bunker New York) LIVE
Beau Wanzer (Dark Entries Records, Nation, L.I.E.S., Jealous God)
Stallone the Reducer (FIT Sound / EST. 83, Public System)

We feel closer to our I.T. family than ever because we share their vision of getting lost in the sound, as well as overlaps between our crews’ resident DJs, label artists, and key collaborators. After co-presenting 8 editions of No Way Back in Detroit, and 7 editions in Brooklyn over the last decade, in 2016 The Bunker and Interdimensional Transmissions started a new tradition of throwing The Bunker on Memorial Day at Tangent gallery. This year is extra special as we celebrate 15 Years of The Bunker, one of many such parties happening worldwide throughout 2018.

Embracing the concept of collaboration, we’re featuring a series of specially curated DJ pairings in The Dance Room. Opening The Dance Room we have The Bunker residents Mike Servito and Bryan Kasenic, presenting their first b2b set in North America. After having a blast playing an off the cuff 3 hour b2b set after the police were paid off and the lights were supposed to come on at the 15 Years of The Bunker party in Mumbai in January, they are excited to recreate some of that energy in their beloved Detroit. Function and Adam X present a very rare and special set, going back to their Brooklyn roots, presenting house, electro, and proto-techno jams from ‘88 to ‘91 that inspired them as very young DJs. When we heard the recording of the session when Jane Fitz invited The Bunker resident Eric Cloutier to play an all night b2b vinyl only set at her residency in London last year, we knew we had to bring them to Detroit to play together. Their trippy dark layered grooves will provide the perfect soundtrack for the last people standing on Monday night for their closing set.

We are trying something different in the front room of Tangent this year, renamed The Come Down Room. If you need a rest from The Dance Room or simply don’t have the physical energy left after the crazy weekend to shake it on Monday night, we got you! The sound of The Come Down Room will be deeply psychedelic. Not quite beatless ambient music, but not really pushing the dance floor either, exploring the mind via incredibly strange music. We’ll be exploring the more downtempo and straight up demented side of The Bunker, the stuff that falls between the cracks of boring genre distinctions. There will be plenty of seating and the amazing sound system Tangent is known for on Memorial Day weekend, so sprawl out with your friends and get weird with us.

In The Come Down room we’re presenting live sets from The Bunker NY label family: Gunnar Haslam, Clay Wilson & rrao, and Abby Echiverri, all of whom had tracks on the 15 Years of The Bunker compilation released in February. GH is of course known worldwide for his albums on L.I.E.S. and The Bunker New York, his collaboration with Tin Man as Romans, his new label Kavalanic Languages, and is no stranger to non-techno zones, or honestly stretching the idea of what techno can be. Clay Wilson and rrao have only performed publicly together a couple times, but they’ve been deep in their Brooklyn studio working on a new EP for The Bunker NY in addition to both of their head-spinning solo productions. Abby Echiverri has been gaining notoriety for her indescribable live sets in Brooklyn, and will catch the ears of many more worldwide when her debut EP drops on The Bunker NY in June. A professional sound engineer with a love of modulars and building her own instruments, she has created a completely unique sound.

Aside from these live sets we welcome two of our favorite DJs who see right through genre-distinctions and strive towards wtf moments created from the incredible depths of their record collections, Chicago’s Beau Wanzer and Brooklyn by way of Detroit’s Stallone The Reducer to anchor this room. Beau Wanzer is already a legendary left field musician with his own sublabel on L.I.E.S., releases on Dark Entries and Jealous God, releases on Nation, and a member of Mutant Beat Dance, his pedigree is perfect to deliver the strangest and most compelling music. Joining him in rotating DJ sets will be Stallone the Reducer, with new music out on FIT sublabel Est. 83’, a history on Ersatz Audio with Tamion 12 Inch and playing guitar in ADULT., he has some of the best weird music out there. Prepare to lose yourself in The Come Down Room.


Here's a custom, nameless mixer I made for a client, qty of 4.  It's a high quality 8 channel plus 4 channel mono mixer for use on the road, conceived and produced in record time.  Internal PSU... rack mount... 20-LED stereo bar meter... loop for volume pedal... auxes... wide gain trim for a variety of input sources... balanced outs... etc.


Isolator i3r Promo Video

My sweet friend Guillaume Caron helped me direct this video showcasing the NonLinearAudio Isolator and hired a whole crew to help out.  I think it looks pretty sexy and gives a taste to potential buyers.  I also added an advertisement that I never uploaded... below... Hope you enjoy.


Live set at Sensoria, January 28 @ Jupiter Disco

Leisure Muffin is stopping through to play Elsewhere, and invited me to do an improvisational duet with him.  It's going to be unrehearsed, just sending a clock between us.  This will be taking place at the weekly party, Sensoria, thrown by fellow music nerds Clay Wilson and Oliver Chapoy. Come through for some delicious cocktails and weird musics!


Live set at the Bunker, February 10 2018 @ Elsewhere

Creating and playing all new live material for this set at this newish Brooklyn venue, along some close buds!


The Bunker returns on February 10, 2018 with our second two room extravaganza at Elsewhere. We recognize that we had some problems at our first event at Elsewhere and assure you steps are being taken to improve your experience. The venue has heard our criticisms and responded with changes in staffing, layout and policy. We will be monitoring the entry and coat check line closely at this event to make sure your wait time to enter the venue is as brief as we can possibly make it.

We’ve been working on this lineup for a long time and are excited to share it with you. When we presented Paranoid London’s American debut performance back in September 2015, they completely tore the house down and really connected with The Bunker resident DJs and our crowd. We’ve been dying to bring them back ever since and our schedules have finally aligned to make this possible. If you’re a fan of their records (who isn’t?) then their live PA in The Hall is not something to miss. Continuing the theme of ACID, we’ve invited the mysterious producer Jasen Loveland to play a live analog set in The Hall. In spite of recent releases on Acid Camp and Interdimensional Transmissions, info about Loveland is scant, but track titles like “F—K 6-6 (Trip Report Mix)”, “Ground Score”, and “Paranoid Fantasy” are starting to tell the story of this deranged acid warrior. Look out for some original productions and remixes from him dropping on The Bunker New York in the first half of 2018. Opening and closing The Hall, we have acid brothers and The Bunker resident DJs Mike Servito and Derek Plaslaiko doing an extended back to back set. As anyone who has experienced their b2bs at The Bunker, Panorama Bar, and No Way Back can attest, there is always something special in the air when they share the decks. Headlinging

Zone One is Jane Fitz, who was unable to make it for her set in January due to the weather, and we are extremely pleased that she was able to join us at this party. A resident of Freerotation, one of the most renowned festivals in Britain, her debut at The Bunker last year turned a lot of heads and we’ve been dying to have her back ever since. We have a cast of Brooklyn all stars filling in the rest of the Zone One lineup, including a late night live set from Further Reductions (aka Shawn and Katie O’Sullivan), who put out one of our favorite records of 2017 on Knekelhuis. Longtime member of The Bunker family Abby Echiverri, who has new music coming out on The Bunker soon, will also be playing live, while Clay Wilson and rrao will be opening and closing the night.

We will program the 4 live sets across the two rooms so you can catch them all if that’s your thing.

Live set at Ivy's sick party, November 18 @ H0l0

Family affair alert.  Cheap party alert.  I'm putting together a new live electro set for this thang and you should come!


Abby Echiverri - She’s both musician and video artist - sometimes building synths, sometimes (or always) eating good food in Queens, sometimes on the road as a sound engineer for really big acts. She knows her machines. She’s a bit of a mad scientist under that sweet appearance, especially when she brings a microscope to use in her visuals. She’s performed her music and visuals at Mysteries of the Deep events, and opened earlier this year for Demdike Stare. On Saturday, she’ll be playing live.

LCD Soundsystem SW tour

I'll be on the road doing some work with LCD Soundsystem for these dates... say hi if you're in these cities.